FCC Certification

This month has been very busy dealing with FCC certification. Viaan Electronics first went to Dallas, Texas to get FCC certification for a Zigbee Module. FCC certification being complex process,the ZigBee module passed with flying colors. In addition to the wireless module, we went to certify the boards for the fluid management system, and, once again, had no issue getting the boards certified. Wh... Read More

IoT Walkie Talkie Device

Viaan Electronics continues to expand with IoT devices. We have finished working on an IoT device that allows children to communicate with their parents through an embedded electronic toy. Using an IoT platform, the toy connects the user’s router, and the parent links their phone to the toy with a phone app. This allows the parent to send messages to the toy with their phone. With multiple butto... Read More

Fluid Management System

After working on an industrial fluid management system for roughly a year, Viaan Electronics have finished the development and testing phase. The fluid management system consists of a network of sensors and displays that control the tracking and dispensing of fluids, such as oil. Companies who use the system will be able to dispense with a click of a button and monitor the amount of oil they have ... Read More

Communication Converter Board

Viaan Electronics has developed a board that can communicate with almost any kind of long range wired and wireless communication device. The board contains the following communication channels: RS232, RS485, USB, ZigBee, and Bluetooth BLE. With a software stack for all the communication channels, the user can convert any of the previous channels into a different channel. For example, the board cou... Read More