RF Engineer

As a RF Engineer at Viaan Electronics, you will be tasked with designing, reviewing, and aiding in the development of wireless products. You will be working closely with embedded systems engineers while making design decisions to optimize any wireless technology needed. This position will require working with broadcasting devices, cell phone schematics, wireless Internet networks and other syst... Apply

Web/Server Developer

The Web/Server Developer position will involve analyzing, setting up, maintaining, and monitoring server architecture to facilitate the resources needed to run a multitude of websites and web portals. Position will also be responsible with gathering requirements from customers and working in collaboration with a group of web designers in creating websites based on those customer requirements. ... Apply

Embedded Software Development Engineer

As an embedded software engineer at Viaan Electronics, you will be tasked with designed and maintaining software for a multitude of products. While working with a mentor and a cross-functional team of engineers, you will have great control on how you wish to handle a software problem. In addition, due to society moving towards connecting every device to the internet (also know as the Internet of T... Apply